Features that make us different from others

Go one step ahead with our Innovative infrastructure and Proactive & Skilled Support.


Why your site will be fast?

Optimized software technologies

Everything is configured for WordPress maximum performance. We combine Latest Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP-FPM, PHP 7.2, MariaDB and HTTP2.

Optimized server hardware

Your server is equiped with Enterprise SSDs disks, Gigabit Network, dedicated resources, High Frequency Ram and Latest E5-2650 CPU model.

WordPress WPO Tweaks

We optimize your Website speed, configuring a premium cache plugin, removing & replacing unnecessary plugins and other tweaks.

Continuous Innovation

We dedicate part or our time to find new ways and optimized configurations to improve your site speed and performance.


Why your site will be secure?

Full Monitoring and Backups

We make daily backups of your site and database on a trusted provider, monitoring the site uptime every 10 minutes and solving any issue.

SFTP and SSL Ready

You'll Your site will be secure with HTTPS. We provide you with a free SSL Certificate from Let's Encrypt.

Full WordPress Updates

Periodically, we fully manage updates for WordPress core, themes and plugins.

Malware Scanning

We proactively scan for nasty malware and patch vulnerabilities, solving any issue.


Why your site will be managed?

Initial Site Optimization

We audit your site speed and security, removing unnecessary plugins and configuring a premium cache plugin.

We manage the entire process

We take care of the server's signup, the initial configuration and we also activate all the additional services.

We stay Proactive

Don`t worry, you don't have to learn how to solve problems in Linux, if we detect your site falls or any other issue, we'll solve it.

Everything is Covered

We cover your signup, server configuration, site optimization, addons installation, problems solving... We cover everything!

High Skilled and Humans like you

From day one, you'll get a WordPress high-skilled human managing every aspect of your site and server.

Turn Key and Open service

From your signup, you own your website and you have access to its files and databases. If you decide to continue alone, we make it easy for you.

It's time to free your hands and stay backed up with best in class support.

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