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Managed WordPress Hosting


We cover all processes from the begin to let you focus your business.

Best in Class

We made technology ready to run your site fail-safe, fast and secure.

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All Covered

We stay a step ahead with daily server and site maintenance.

Your peace of mind starts here.

“Grow revenue. Improve SEO, bounce rates and conversions.”

We are different

If it's going through your head that we are just like a hosting company or just like a WordPress maintenance company, it's not true. We are an improved evolution.

Real Fully Managed Service

You don`t have to do anything. We manually migrate your site and then we manage your server technical tasks. You will just care about your business.

Obsessed with Quality

We give you your own private server, you don't share it with anyone else. We prefer invest in quality and performance, to give you an excellent service.

Exclusive software configuration

We have developed for years our own software and hardware recipe, making your website works to the maximum performance and with the minimum issues.

Other hosting providers

Partial Support. Just server errors fix

You have to waste time launching your server and understanding its control panel. They don't manage your site, they only fix server issues and take care of his infrastructure.

They want to maximize their profit

They give you a shared server, with more clients sharing its resources. It increase a lot economic benefits, but this causes you to lose performance, downtimes and low support quality.

Generic software configuration

They take generic software, it means they don't innovate improving it's configuration for your site, they just give you the same software you can find in every hosting companies.

Old WordPress sufferers,
current Shuttler Lovers

Luís Martínez

As a WordPress and Hubspot Agency, we’ve received excelent support and websites speed and performance optimization, sustained since we started.

Javier Gutiérrez

Since we host with Shuttler, it's easier for us to maintain updated and optimized our WordPress. We value a lot the great speed and performance we got with them!

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